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Advanced Topics in Statistical Process Control

Second Edition

by Donald J. Wheeler

Advanced Topics in Statistical Process Control

This book is the most comprehensive source book on statistical process control since Shewhart’s original. It is the definitive book, containing a wealth of information found nowhere else. Unlike books which only add layers of complication onto the subject, this book provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of the underlying theory of process behavior charts.

Topics include:

  • the quality of limits for process behavior charts
  • autocorrelated data and process behavior charts
  • degrees of freedom for process behavior charts
  • process behavior charts and chaos theory
  • Cusum and EWMA techniques
  • the role of the normal distribution
  • the role of the central limit theorem
  • precontrol and zone charts
  • the analysis of means
  • how to set manufacturing specifications
  • using small amounts of data for limits
  • the Shewhart catechism
  • some differences between theory and practice