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Donald J. Wheeler's Seminars and Workshops

The Making Sense of Data Seminar

Data Analysis for the Service Sector

This seminar uses the three basic questions of improvement as a framework for Discovery through Data Analysis. They are:

The structure provided by these three questions allows you to combine the various tools and techniques into an effegive and coherent approach of data analysis. This is vital for any SPC or Six Sigma effort.

Examples are drawn from all types of service and administrative areas, including healthcare, food service, accounting, banking, insurance, retail, distribution and sales, transportation, telemarketing, and telecommunications. These examples illustrate how to utilize survey data, safety data, and all types of management data.

While this is a basic seminar, it is also comprehensive. It not only covers the material included in most introductory classes, but it also goes into the issues of effectively using these techniques. Unlike many courses and books that present a bewildering array of different techniques, this course presents a unified approach that has a proven track record in all types of organizations.

This seminar is intended for anyone who needs to learn how to use Data Analysis and SPC techniques in service or administrative areas. The "Understanding Variation" workshop is also incorporated in this seminar.

For on-site training, this seminar may be customized upon request. In that case, you will consult with Dr. Wheeler about topics to be covered and number of days needed.

Topics include:

Books may include: