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Donald J. Wheeler's Seminars and Workshops

The Evaluating the Measurement Process Workshop

This newly updated one-day workshop has been one of our most popular classes since the mid 1980s. It teaches how to get the most out of hte measurement systems that are currently in place.

While most measurement system studies are set up to condemn measurement processes, this workshop shows you how to get the most from the measurement process that you have in place; how to get it to operate to its fullest potential. Over the years, thousands of workshop participants have discovered the profound difference that comes from using the right approach to measurement system analysis.

In this new workshop you will learn about the hazards of needless recalibration and how to know when recalibration is actually needed. You will also learn how to use average and range charts to understand the measurement process, to characterize it, and to communicate this understanding to others. Dr. Wheeler takes you far beyond the confusion of meaningless percentages and teaches you how to quantify how good your measurements actually are.

This workshop is intended for technicians, engineers, and all those involved in collecting or using physical measurements of any kind.

It is available for in-house scheduling only, but its contents are included on the last day of the "Understanding Statistical Process Control" semina. If space allows in our public seminars, you may register for that fourth day only, at a cost of $500.00

Topics include:

This workshop is incorporated into the Understanding SPC seminar and the Practical Data Analysis seminar, and uses the textbook:

EMP III: Evaluating the Measurement Process & Using Imperfect Data