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Donald J. Wheeler's Seminars and Workshops

The Understanding Variation Workshop

This powerful presentation is based upon the popular book, Understanding Variation…The Key to Managing Chaos, and it has become a most important tool in many companies. Using typical management report data, the presentation compares the traditional analytic approaches with a better way to discover what your data is really telling you. This allows you to use your data far more effectively.

This workshop is intended for executives and managers throughout the organization. For some it will be the starting point of further studies. For others it will become the catalyst that changes the way they make decisions and interpret data.

Topics include:

This presentation provides the basic information you need in order to understand why appropriate data analysis is crucial to the success of your business. Over and again, this workshop has been credited with being a turning point...the beginning of data-based management that can transform the productivity and profitability of any company.

While this presentation is included in the "Understanding Statistical Process Control" and "Making Sense of Data" seminars, it can also be scheduled as a separate, on-site presentation in either a one-day or one-half-day format.

For the full day presentation, instruction from Twenty Things You Need to Know can be included, or you can schedule time for your staff to consult with Dr. Wheeler.

Participants Say:

“I can’t begin to describe the profound effect your workshop had on us! Everyone took back information that was immediately beneficial. We will never again be able to look at data in the same old way!” "Don Wheeler teaches profoundly important, practical ideas with great clarity and force, and without intellectual embroidery." "I can’t begin to describe the profound effect your presentation had on us!" "This seminar removed all the gobbledy-gook that I’d heard from others, leaving me with a clear set of tools that I can really apply to my job!"

Books used may include: